110 Tools for a Successful Life

Dr. Lance A. Casazza wrote Be the Hammer Not the Nail to help millions of people searching for a practical and useful self-help book to improve their lives. After spending several years struggling in his private practice, Dr. Casazza began a personal odyssey to discover what successful people did to realize their dreams. Be the Hammer Not the Nail is the result of his research, dedication and commitment to find answers and help others build happy, successful lives.

Be the Hammer Not the Nail contains a comprehensive overview of Dr. Casazza’s own journey toward success as he built his chiropractic practice; what kind of attitude and actions were required to think and behave like a successful person; and what kind of system could be created to make the process easy and effective. After much research, help and insight from associates, friends and family, Dr. Casazza wrote and designed the SANE (Self, Affirmation, Nutrition and Exercise) system that could be put into an action plan to produce results in 21 days. The system combines 110 Tools, which is research assembled and put into one book to guide readers and support the SANE System.


As each reader goes through the book and applies the process, they walk away with:
• Easy instructions on how to build their blueprints
• 110 Tools for guidance
• A one-page blueprint for success in 21 days

Imagine a unique one-page blueprint to build your successful life in just 21 days. No difficult workbooks; no long CDs; no messy pages and forms to fill out. You simply read Be the Hammer Not the Nail, fill out your one-page blueprint, apply the Tools, and 21 days later enjoy the results — a happier, more satisfying life. This system works like no other and promises to help you build the life of your dreams.

Dr. Casazza is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic West and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of California, Davis. He has published several articles including: Sacramento News & Review, Ask Dr. Lance; and Dynamic Chiropractic, The Association of Smoking and Low Back Pain.

He currently lives in Sacramento, California and successfully runs his private practice, Casazza Chiropractic.